Colorado PGA Tournament Results

PRO-PRO-PRO CHAMPIONSHIP May 13, 2019 at Par-72 Thorncreek GC in Thornton Top Finishers 1. Ferguson/Gott/Montgomery 57 2. Bakken/Swinhart/Weingartner 59 T3. Kohr/McCarthy/Perry 60 T3. David/Malzahn/Braga 60 T3. Brown/Starkey/Wasson 60 T6. Bolles/Cook/Cavalier 61 T6. Hill/Ulvedal/Williamson 61 T6. Boehm/Persichetti/Rikkers 61 T6. Bradley/Welsh/Marzec 61 T10.  Hebert/Saulsbery/Stephens 62 T10. Cole/Hensel/Gerlach 62 T10. Fitzgerald/Nosewicz/O’Shaughnessy 62 T10. Cooley/Holmes/Grady 62 For complete results, … Read more

Building for the Future

Public course rounds dipped slightly in Colorado last year, but state’s numbers again were notably better than most of U.S.; industry leaders say Colorado is leading the way in growth-of-game efforts

Golf Day at the State Capitol

High-achieving junior standouts Boonta, Chin help Colorado golf leaders tout the many benefits of the game to lawmakers