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  • Evan Kalac

    09/23/2022Saddleback Golf ClubHole #16Yards: 255Club: 5 Wood
  • Lynn Larson

    09/17/2022Pinery Country ClubHole #16Yards: 135Club: 7 Iron
  • Richard Campbell

    09/13/2022Willis CaseHole #4Yards: 124Club: 9 iron
  • Sue Kiraly

    09/06/2022SaddlebackHole #11Yards: 118Club: 8
  • Miok Billinger

    09/01/2022CollindaleHole #6Yards: 135Club: 5 hybrid
  • Chris Lennon

    09/01/2022Country Club at WoodmoorHole #8Yards: 185Club: 6 iron
  • Duane Powers

    08/27/2022The Ranch CcHole ##6Yards: 185Club: 5 iron
  • Joel Norwood

    08/25/2022Overland Park Golf CourseHole #8Yards: 143Club: PW
  • Geoff Brovich

    08/24/2022Fox HollowHole #8Yards: 156Club: 8 Iron
  • Cindy Lee

    08/23/2022SouthridgeHole #14Yards: 86Club: Pitching Wedge
  • Nate Mollner

    08/21/2022Pinery Country Club, Valley CourseHole #10Yards: 146Club: 46* Wedge
  • Lyndsey Gonzalez

    08/19/2022Cherokee RidgeHole #5Yards: 135Club: 7
  • Lynn Emmert

    08/17/2022Saddleback Golf ClubHole #8Yards: 98Club: 8 Iron Hybrid
  • Larry Hawley

    08/13/2022Overland ParkHole #8Yards: 153Club: 7 Iron
  • Marilyn Thompson

    08/09/2022South Suburban Golf CourseHole #13Yards: 146Club: 7 Wood
  • Steve Manzanares

    08/08/2022Chipeta golf courseHole #12Yards: 205Club: 3 wood
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