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  • James Ah Yo

    08/06/2021Eisenhower Golf Club Silver CourseHole #8Yards: 153Club: 5H
  • Garrett Jones

    08/05/2021Grant Park Golf CourseHole #8Yards: 205Club: 4
  • George Wasyluka

    08/04/2021Springhill Golf Course, Aurora, COHole #6Yards: 154Club: 3H
  • David Johnson

    07/31/2021Todd CreekHole #17Yards: 143Club: 9 iron
  • Mary Watson

    07/31/2021Tiara RadoHole #12Yards: 84Club: 7h
  • Jim Wilhelm

    07/29/2021Walnut CreekHole #17Yards: 154Club: 7h
  • Eric Olmsted

    07/25/2021Eagle TraceHole #17Yards: 132Club: Pitching Wedge
  • George McNamara

    07/25/2021The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland HillsHole #8Yards: 160Club: 5 Iron
  • Stanton Manzanares

    07/23/2021Lake Valley Golf ClubHole #16Yards: 149Club: 7
  • Collin Alexander

    07/21/2021WellshireHole #11Yards: 130Club: 52 Degree
  • Shelly Anderson

    07/17/2021Coal Creek Golf CourseHole #14Yards: 92Club: 9 iron
  • Steven Farley

    07/17/2021Murphy CreekHole #8Yards: 177Club: 6 Iron
  • Elijah Valdez

    07/17/2021Littleton Golf and Tennis ClubHole #13Yards: 192Club: 5 W
  • Zach Dobrota

    07/14/2021Copper Creek Golf CourseHole #3Yards: 219Club: 7 iron
  • Scott Ford

    07/12/2021Mariana ButteHole #8Yards: 124Club: 9 iron
  • Cory Turner

    07/10/2021Murphey CreekHole #8Yards: 185Club: 6 iron
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