Preparing young men and women for a lifetime of success and achievement through caddying in a world-class caddie program at The Broadmoor, leadership development, and learning, while enabling them to pursue an Evans Scholarship. 


Through experience as a caddie and lessons on leadership philosophy based on the Code of the West, five-star customer service, financial literacy, career development, and education planning, participants will be prepared to reach their fullest potential in education, careers, and life.  Participants will also qualify to apply for the Evans Scholarship, a full tuition and housing college scholarship for high-achieving caddies with limited financial means.

The Broadmoor will have a world-class caddie program of the level befitting its five-star, five-diamond resort status.  Built upon intense training, the caddie program will provide an improved golfer experience for a larger number of players.  At the same time, the caddie program will not require additional financial investment from The Broadmoor.

The community will benefit from the Academy through more capable, prepared, and community-minded adult citizens as well as through volunteer work performed by participants.

Application Requirements

  • Age – caddies are accepted into the Academy on completion of their 8th grade year in school
  • Academic Excellence – caddies are required to hold a minimum GPA of a 3.0 (report cards will be requested when kids apply)
  • Financial Need – Family income should be $80,000 or less
  • Work Ethic and Attitude – caddies who are accepted into the Academy do not need to have any background in golf, but they do need to have a great work ethic and positive attitude

Requirements Once Accepted

If the kids are accepted into The Broadmoor Academy they must complete monthly requirements in order to receive their educational grant of $400 for the month.

  • Loops – caddies must complete 6 loops every two weeks and 40 loops by the end of the summer
  • Leadership Classes – caddies must attend weekly leadership classes.
  • Volunteer Hours – caddies must volunteer monthly.
  • Activity Tracker – caddies must complete an activity tracker that documents their caddying, leadership class attendance and volunteering hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who do I contact for more information on the program?
A:  Contact Mark Kelbel at

Q:  How do I apply?
A:  Click on the Apply button above.  

Q:  How old do I need to be?
A:  Caddies are typically accepted into the Academy upon completion of their 8th grade year. However that does not mean a kid who meets the program requirements will not be accepted if they are older or younger than 8th grade.  

Q:  How long is the program?
A:  The Broadmoor Academy starts Memorial Day weekend and goes for 16 weeks ending shortly after Labor Day.

Q:  Do I need to play golf or know a lot about the sport?
A:  Although welcomed, caddies do not need any prior golf experience/knowledge in order to participate in The Broadmoor Caddie & Leadership Academy. Caddies will be taught everything they need to know during training and through online resources from the CGA.

Q:  How do I get paid?
A:  If caddies complete all of their weekly requirements, they will be paid with an educational grant of $600 a month for a total of $1800.00 by the end of the summer. Caddies may also receive tips from golfers upon completion of a loop but this is not mandatory of the golfer.

Q:  What do I wear when caddying?
A:  Caddie uniforms will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

Q:  How long is training?
A:  Training will take place throughout the month of May, once all caddies have been accepted into the program.

Q:  What is involved in leadership?
A:  Leadership classes are a mandatory part of this program. The curriculum will include Cowboy Ethics and Financial Literacy.

Q:  How am I assigned loops?
A:  Caddies will be assigned their loops the night before via email.

Q:  What happens after I complete the program?
A: The goal is to have kids apply for the Evans Scholarship once they start their senior year of high school.