Member Aces

  • Paul A Martin

    11/28/2020Four Mile RanchHole #3Par: 3Yards: 140Club: 8 Iron

  • Earl Ingalls

    11/21/2020Ute Creek Golf CourseHole #14Par: 3Yards: 92Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Bill Johnson

    11/16/2020The Meadows Golf ClubHole #3Par: 3Yards: 173Club: 6 iron

  • Pam Schmidt

    11/06/2020Foothills Par 3Hole #OnePar: 3Yards: 115Club: 7 iron

  • Terry Graham

    11/04/2020Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf ClubHole #15Par: 3Yards: 152Club: 6 Iron

  • Bob Meyer

    11/03/2020Bear DanceHole #2Par: 3Yards: 170Club: 9-wood

  • Andy Dombro

    10/31/2020Hyland Hills Golf Course - GoldHole #13Par: 3Yards: 198Club: 5-iron

  • Joseph Schultz

    10/16/2020Cherokee RidgeHole #16Par: 3Yards: 144Club: 6 iron

  • Hal Warren

    10/12/2020Fox Hollow CanyonHole #6Par: 3Yards: 165Club: 7 iron

  • Jim Ellis

    10/12/2020Todd Creek Golf CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 114Club: PW

  • Noah Simon

    10/11/2020Green Valley Ranch Golf Club - Par 3Hole #8Par: 3Yards: 82Club: Putter

  • Chris Allyn

    10/08/2020Tiara RadoHole #12Par: 3Yards: 110Club: Gap Wedge

  • jackie urbany

    10/06/2020Valley hiHole #2Par: 3Yards: 109Club: 6 iron

  • Jackie Urbany

    10/06/2020Valley hiHole #2Par: 3Yards: 109Club: 6 iron

  • Kevin Lynch

    10/01/2020Overland ParkHole #2Par: 3Yards: 156Club: 8 iron

  • Cynthia Sleeth

    09/29/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #4Par: 3Yards: 118Club: 4-Horse tees


    09/28/2020SPREADING ANTLERS GOLF CLUBHole #7Par: 3Yards: 135Club: 7

  • Jay Solomon

    09/26/2020Par 3Hole #3rd holePar: 3Yards: 90?Club: 9 iron

  • Nancy Holmes

    09/25/2020Green Valley Ranch Golf Club - Par 3 CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 110Club: 7 Iron

  • Brad Meininger

    09/24/2020Tiara radoHole #3Par: 3Yards: 158Club: 7 iron

  • John Higgs

    09/24/2020The Ridge at Castle Pines NorthHole #4Par: 3Yards: 146Club: 9

  • Jeffrey Beverly

    09/23/2020Four Mile RanchHole #12Par: 3Yards: 129Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Jackie Nelsen

    09/23/2020South Suburban Golf CourseHole #13Par: 3Yards: 118Club: Driver

  • Michael Lance Weaver

    09/21/2020South Suburban Par 3Hole #3Par: 3Yards: 93Club: 50* SM7

  • James Blake

    09/21/2020Green Valley Ranch Golf ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 149Club: 9 iron

  • Carolyn G Peters

    09/20/2020links golf courseHole #14Par: 3Yards: 120Club: 8 iron

  • Robert Hawkins

    09/19/2020Murphy CreekHole #8Par: 3Yards: 170Club: 8 Iron

  • Patty Vonick

    09/19/2020Indian Peaks Golf Course, Lafayette, COHole #5Par: 3Yards: 126Club: 7 Iron

  • Charley Cook

    09/17/2020south suburban par 3Hole #6Par: 3Yards: 148Club: 7 wood

  • Bill Gerlock

    09/15/2020Pueblo Elmwood G.C.Hole #4Par: 3Yards: 113Club: Pitching Wedge

  • George Ferren

    09/15/2020Copper Creek Golf CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 103Club: 60*

  • Craig Peterson

    09/15/2020The Bridges Golf and Country ClubHole #4Par: 3Yards: 165Club: 8 iron

  • Jan Squires

    09/14/2020Mariana ButteHole #11Par: 3Yards: 102Club: Hybrid #6

  • Michael Cowperthwaite

    09/07/2020Four Mile Ranch, Canon City, Co.Hole ##3Par: 3Yards: 155Club: 7 iron

  • Nick George

    09/07/2020Plum Creek Golf ClubHole #12Par: 3Yards: 195Club: 7

  • Mike Otepka

    09/07/2020City ParkHole #12Par: 3Yards: ~138Club: 8

  • Keith Harper

    09/05/2020Valley Country ClubHole #15Par: 3Yards: 190Club: 5 iron

  • David Zalone

    09/04/2020Plum CreekHole #2Par: 3Yards: 129Club: PW

  • Pam Breit

    09/04/2020The Golf Club at Fox AcresHole #2Par: 3Yards: 115Club: 7 iron

  • Allen Sanders

    09/03/2020Broken Tee, EnglewoodHole #10Par: 3Yards: 129Club: 8 iron

  • Jay Gardner

    09/02/2020The Ridge at Castle Pines NorthHole #14Par: 3Yards: 158Club: 8

  • John Ton

    08/30/2020Mariana ButteHole #11Par: 3Yards: 168Club: 9

  • Lee M Zarzecki

    08/29/2020University of Denver at Highlands Ranch Golf ClubHole #13Par: 3Yards: 156Club: 8 iron

  • Scot Huber

    08/28/2020PraderaHole #3Par: 3Yards: 189Club: 4 Iron

  • Rod Barbera

    08/28/2020Bear DanceHole #2Par: 3Yards: 177Club: 6

  • Juna Orr

    08/27/2020Foothills Championship Golf CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 83Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Sammy Scoma

    08/25/2020The Greg Mastrioni Courses at Hyland HillsHole ##8 Gold CoursePar: 3Yards: 121Club: Driver

  • Jayne Paterson

    08/25/2020La ZagaletaHole #13Par: 3Yards: 100Club: 8

  • Roger Whitaker

    08/22/2020Rifle Creek Golf CourseHole #11Par: 3Yards: 162Club: Pitching wedge

  • Roger Whitaker

    08/22/2020Rifle Creek Golf CourseHole #11Par: 3Yards: 162Club: Pitching wedge

  • William Koch

    08/22/2020Indian Tree Golf ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 165Club: 7 Iron

  • Jamie Oxley

    08/22/2020Pagosa Golf Club (Pinion)Hole ##3Par: 3Yards: 140Club: 8 iron

  • Victoria Mata-Malmgren

    08/21/2020Copper Creek Golf CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 112Club: 7 iron

  • Chad Schneiter

    08/20/2020The golf club at Redlands mesaHole #12Par: 3Yards: 124Club: 60 degree

  • Kathi Kline

    08/18/2020Boomerang Golf Course, Greeley, Co.Hole #12Par: 3Yards: 105Club: 8 Iron

  • Scott Bartlett

    08/17/2020Coal Creek Golf CourseHole #14Par: 3Yards: 153Club: 7 iron

  • Cindy L. Joos

    08/17/2020EvergreenHole #8Par: 3Yards: 142Club: 8

  • Regina A Guzzo-Ward

    08/17/2020Hyland Hills South Par 3Hole #8Par: 3Yards: 87Club: 9 Iron

  • Michael Rea

    08/15/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #6Par: 3Yards: 158Club: 6 Iron

  • Stephanie Irsay

    08/15/2020Country Club at WoodmoorHole #4Par: 3Yards: 100Club: Five iron

  • Jeff Hanson

    08/15/2020Bookcliff Country ClubHole #15Par: 3Yards: 145Club: 9 iron

  • Randy C Fletcher II

    08/14/2020The Club at PraderaHole #3Par: 3Yards: 163Club: 8

  • Ed Hammontree

    08/14/2020CommonGround golf courseHole #6Par: 3Yards: 145Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Brian Plentyhoops

    08/14/2020Haymaker Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 164Club: 6

  • Amy Wesoloskie

    08/11/2020Bear DanceHole #12Par: 3Yards: 127Club: 7 iron

  • Nancy Jackson

    08/11/2020Sunset Golf Longmont CO.Hole #18Par: 3Yards: 118Club: Call away HiBore #5

  • LeAnna Rosenow

    08/10/2020Legacy Ridge GCHole #16Par: 3Yards: 173Club: 5 Wood

  • Judi Hart

    08/09/2020West Woods, Sleeping IndianHole #6Par: 3Yards: 139Club: Callaway nine wood

  • Daniel Caton

    08/09/2020Telluride Ski & GolfHole #2ndPar: 3Yards: 141Club: 8

  • Joanna Starke

    08/08/2020Cherokee Ridge Golf CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 110Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Todd Bennett

    08/08/2020Redlands Mesa Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 162Club: 9 iron

  • Jeff Nielander

    08/08/2020The club at Rolling HillsHole #3Par: 3Yards: 163Club: 8 iron

  • Brian Murphy

    08/07/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #6Par: 3Yards: 206Club: 5 Iron

  • Louis Thomas

    08/07/2020Willis CaseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 146Club: PW

  • Sara Montgomery

    08/06/2020WellshireHole #14Par: 3Yards: 174Club: 4 hybrid

  • Candy Anderson

    08/05/2020Saddle Rock Golf CouseHole #8Par: 3Yards: 116Club: 5 Fairway Wood

  • John Cormey

    08/04/2020The Club at InvernessHole #8Par: 3Yards: 185Club: 4 hybrid

  • Richard Overstake

    08/04/2020Overland ParkHole #2Par: 3Yards: 144Club: 8 iron

  • Chad Heckman

    08/04/2020West WoodsHole #6Par: 3Yards: 170Club: 6-iron

  • Susan Horton

    08/04/2020Foothills Champion CourseHole #8Par: 3Yards: 104Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Andy Busch

    08/03/2020Chipeta Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 125Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Greg Klaiber

    07/28/2020Arrowhead Golf CourseHole #13Par: 3Yards: 179Club: 8 iron

  • Shaun Hollis

    07/25/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #6Par: 3Yards: 184Club: 6 Iron

  • Brian J Peterson

    07/24/2020Copper Creek Golf CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 110Club: PW

  • Jeanne Nicoulin

    07/23/2020Pole CreekHole #Meadows 4Par: 3Yards: 84Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Matt Owens

    07/23/2020Broken Tee Par 3Hole #5Par: 3Yards: 75Club: Lob Wedge

  • Kris Tower

    07/22/2020Plum CreekHole #7Par: 3Yards: 171Club: 6

  • kim Dehan

    07/22/2020Rifle Creek Golf CourseHole #15Par: 3Yards: 107Club: 4 rescue

  • Lynn D. Kern

    07/21/2020Redlands Mesa Golf CourseHole #12Par: 3Yards: 84Club: 8 iron

  • Darrell Giebler

    07/20/2020Todd Creek Golf courseHole #11Par: 3Yards: 152Club: 7 iron

  • Conrad C Johnson

    07/18/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 141Club: 9 iron

  • William L Johnson

    07/16/2020WellshireHole #2Par: 3Yards: 166Club: 6 iron

  • Steven Austermann

    07/15/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #13Par: 3Yards: 152Club: PW

  • Gerry Higgins

    07/15/2020Willis CaseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 146Club: 6 iron

  • Jerry Kidney

    07/14/2020Willis Case Golf CourseHole #2Par: 3Yards: 238Club: 3 wood

  • Ellen Greubel

    07/13/2020Telluride Golf ClubHole #17Par: 3Yards: 114Club: 5 hybrid

  • Sally Perisho

    07/10/2020Raccoon CreekHole #8Par: 3Yards: 131Club: 6

  • Tom Voake

    07/09/2020Pine CreekHole #14Par: 3Yards: 119Club: A Wedge

  • Phil Schmidt

    07/07/2020Kissing Camels Golf ClubHole #6 WestPar: 3Yards: 123Club: 8 iron

  • Brandon Dingae

    07/04/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #15Par: 4Yards: 370Club: Driver

  • Ryan Wetterich

    07/04/2020Willis CaseHole #10Par: 3Yards: 141Club: PW

  • Al Weiner

    07/01/2020Cherokee Ridge Par 3Hole #4Par: 3Yards: 95Club: 9

  • Reilly Reid

    06/28/2020Highland Meadows GCHole #4Par: 3Yards: 145Club: 9-iron

  • Tim Waite

    06/27/2020Todd Creek Golf ClubHole #3Par: 3Yards: 107Club: PW

  • Nina

    06/26/2020cherokee ridge par 3Hole #4Par: 3Yards: 95Club: 3 Wood

  • Marc Jacobs Nelson

    06/24/2020Country Club of ColoradoHole #11Par: 3Yards: 154Club: 7

  • Joe Arrington

    06/24/2020Meadow Hills Golf CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 154Club: 7

  • Tom Moxcey

    06/23/2020Red Hawk RidgeHole #6Par: 3Yards: 159Club: 6 iron

  • Dot Lindsey

    06/23/2020Riverdale Golf Course (Knolls)Hole #17Par: 3Yards: 130Club: 5 Hybrid

  • Jane Whitt

    06/18/2020Rifle Creek Golf CourseHole #15Par: 3Yards: 107Club: 5 wood

  • James Mik

    06/17/2020Golf Club at RavennaHole #6Par: 3Yards: 167Club: 8

  • Mary Danielson

    06/15/2020Red Hawk RidgeHole #17Par: 3Yards: 127Club: 7 iron

  • Ryan Holocher

    06/12/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 136Club: PW

  • Patricia Hyde

    06/12/2020The LinksHole #7Par: 3Yards: 114Club: 4 Hybrid

  • Stacey Mascarenas

    06/12/2020Adobe Creek National Golf CourseHole #Monument - 6Par: 3Yards: 97Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Michael Andrews

    06/11/2020Chipeta Golf CourseHole #3Par: 3Yards: 113Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Brian Hartbauer

    06/09/2020Chipeta Golf CourseHole #10Par: 3Yards: 115Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Sam Rymer

    06/05/2020The Sheep Ranch Golf Course at Bandon DunesHole #3Par: 3Yards: 135Club: 9

  • Ryan Wood

    06/03/2020Green Valley Ranch - Par 3 CourseHole #3Par: 3Yards: 83Club: 56°

  • Robin Thorsen

    06/02/2020Colorado Golf ClubHole #11Par: 3Yards: 126Club: 7

  • Susan Beck

    05/30/2020Colorado Golf ClubHole #17Par: 3Yards: 95Club: Gap Wedge

  • Matthew Greene

    05/29/2020Raccoon CreekHole #17Par: 3Yards: 201Club: 7 Iron

  • Matthew D Greene

    05/29/2020Raccoon Creek Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 201Club: 7 Iron

  • Christian Agelopoulos

    05/29/2020Broadlands Golf CourseHole #6Par: 3Yards: 160Club: 7

  • Jerry Falvey

    05/28/2020Todd CreekHole #7Par: 3Yards: 102Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Gary Cosel

    05/26/2020Collegiate Peaks Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 147Club: 7

  • David Hulst

    05/26/2020The Ranch Country Club - 1 HorseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 215Club: 4 Hybrid

  • Brian Murphy

    05/25/2020The Ranch Country Club - 1 HorseHole #13Par: 3Yards: 170Club: 8 Iron

  • Aric Aman

    05/25/2020The LinksHole #4Par: 3Yards: 161Club: 8 Iron

  • Randy Stadler

    05/24/2020Saddleback golf clubHole #4Par: 3Yards: 144Club: 8 Iron

  • Brett Bandy

    05/24/2020Willis Case Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 172Club: 8 Iron

  • Randy Stadler

    05/24/2020Saddleback golf clubHole #4Par: 3Yards: 144Club: 8 Iron


    05/20/2020Black Canyon Golf CourseHole #15Par: 3Yards: 120Club: 8-iron

  • Keith Kuehn

    05/16/2020Applewood Golf CourseHole #17Par: 3Yards: 175Club: 7 Iron

  • Kathy Peterson

    05/12/2020Broken Tee, Englewood, C0Hole #10Par: 3Yards: 130Club: Taylor Made M4 hybrid

  • Michael Anziano

    05/12/2020Hillcrest Golf CourseHole #15Par: 3Yards: 185Club: 5 Wood

  • Edie Eckles

    05/10/2020Highland Meadows GCHole #13Par: 3Yards: 116Club: 6-iron

  • Dana Rotter

    05/10/2020Raccoon Creek Golf CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 112Club: 8 iron

  • Nick Reed

    05/09/2020Spring Valley Golf ClubHole #17Par: 3Yards: 175Club: 8 iron

  • John McCauley

    05/08/2020We Ko Pa SaguaroHole #5Par: 3Yards: 145Club: 8

  • Mike Chaney

    05/07/2020Todd Creek Golf ClubHole #3Par: 3Yards: 142Club: 8 iron

  • John Jacks

    05/06/2020Buffalo RunHole #17Par: 3Yards: 176Club: 7 iron

  • Daryl Gruenwald

    05/05/2020Patty Jewett Golf Course (Peak-Plains)Hole #14Par: 3Yards: 167Club: 5 hybrid

  • Maggie Coates

    05/03/2020The Ranch Country ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 93Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Paul Howard Spieker

    05/02/2020Perry Park CCHole #8Par: 3Yards: 149Club: 7 Iron

  • Richard Merino

    05/01/2020Trinidad Golf CourseHole #16Par: 3Yards: 118Club: 9 Iron

  • Mike Warren

    04/30/2020Southridge Golf ClubHole #3Par: 3Yards: 153Club: 8

  • Jean Chaffee

    04/28/2020Cherokee RidgeHole #4Par: 3Yards: 136Club: driver

  • Joe Moran

    04/21/2020Littleton Golf and Tennis ClubHole #16Par: 3Yards: 112Club: Nine iron

  • Denny Hanson

    04/16/2020Boulder Country Club Championship CourseHole #3Par: 3Yards: 165Club: Five Rescue

  • Abasi Baruti

    04/13/2020Heather Ridge Golf CourseHole #7Par: 3Yards: 177Club: 7 Iron

  • Dan Nimtz

    04/09/2020Heritage Eagle Bend (blue tees)Hole #15Par: 3Yards: 170Club: 5 iron

  • Debbie Pepper

    04/06/2020CommonGroundHole #6Par: 3Yards: 106Club: 7

  • Don Miller

    03/31/2020Saddleback Golf CourseHole #11Par: 3Yards: 160Club: 7 iron

  • Kathleen Kallhoff

    03/20/2020BroadlandsHole #12Par: 3Yards: 125Club: 5 wood

  • Gary Wickham

    03/15/2020Playa Mujeres Golf ClubHole #11Par: 3Yards: 158Club: 6

  • Mark E Churchill

    03/08/2020Fox Hollow LinksHole #2Par: 3Yards: 158Club: 7-Iron

  • Richard E Hagar

    03/04/2020Mansfield National Golf ClubHole #10Par: 3Yards: 100Club: 6 iron

  • Bruce Hayes

    02/07/2020Old Corkscrew Golf ClubHole #12Par: 3Yards: 140Club: 8

  • Steven Bishop

    01/28/2020Ute Creek Golf CourseHole #14Par: 3Yards: 134Club: 8 Iron

  • Caroline Brandon

    01/21/2020Meadow Hills Golf CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 128Club: Gap Wedge

  • Clarence Sumner

    01/12/2020Coronado Golf Course, Coronado CaliforniaHole #15Par: 3Yards: 166Club: 6 Iron

  • Charles Howe

    11/19/2019Cedaredge Golf ClubHole #15Par: 3Yards: 108Club: 9 Iron

  • Jordan Neal

    11/13/2019ArrowheadHole #13Par: 3Yards: 173Club: 9

  • John Starr

    11/10/2019Redlands Mesa GCHole #17Par: 3Yards: 140Club: 9 Iron

  • Jason Cole

    11/09/2019Saddle RockHole #14Par: 3Yards: 161Club: 7 iron

  • Blake Sledge

    11/03/2019Spring Valley Golf ClubHole #7Par: 3Yards: 212Club: 4 iron

  • Thomas Bayko

    10/18/2019CommonGroundHole ## 6Par: 3Yards: 125Club: 9 iron

  • Gisella Lagrimas

    10/15/2019Plum Creek Golf ClubHole #2Par: 3Yards: 109Club: A-wedge

  • Sofia Choi

    10/12/2019Cherry Hills Country ClubHole #15Par: 3Yards: 151Club: 6-iron

  • Linda Mooney

    10/06/2019Saddle RockHole #14Par: 3Yards: 119Club: 5 wood

  • Jay Weingast

    10/04/2019Eagle Ranch Golf CourseHole #15Par: 3Yards: 165Club: 7 iron

  • Sue Seemann

    10/01/2019Pole Creek Golf CourseHole #4 MeadowPar: 3Yards: 82Club: Pitching wedge

  • Corey Davidson

    09/27/2019Interlocken Golf Club VistaHole #2Par: 3Yards: 142Club: PW

  • Tim Sarmo

    09/23/2019Chipeta Golf CourseHole #3Par: 3Yards: 145Club: 8 iron

  • David Livingston

    09/23/2019Patty JewettHole #2Par: 3Yards: 154Club: 7 iron

  • Bob Pucci

    09/22/2019Eisenhower Blue Golf CourseHole #3Par: 3Yards: 153Club: 6-iron

  • clarissa gliksman

    09/19/2019Foothills Championship CourseHole #4Par: 3Yards: 88Club: 9 Iron

  • Joshua Walsh

    09/19/2019Copper Creek Golf CourseHole #10Par: 3Yards: 192Club: 7 Iron

  • Joe Latiolais

    09/18/2019Legacy RidgeHole #12Par: 3Yards: 122Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Tammy Hitchens

    09/17/2019Hyland Hills GoldHole #8Par: 3Yards: 113Club: 4 hybrid

  • Lynda Harrison

    09/12/2019The Links at Cobble CreekHole #7Par: 31Yards: 120Club: 11 wood

  • Dennis Koller

    09/11/2019Eagle Vail Golf ClubHole #13Par: 3Yards: 130Club: pitching wedge

  • Don Jewkes

    09/10/2019Aspen Golf ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 154Club: 7 iron

  • Joe Latiolais

    09/08/2019Legacy RidgeHole #12Par: 3Yards: 122Club: PW

  • Mike Madden

    09/07/2019Vail Golf ClubHole #7Par: 3Yards: 192Club: 9

  • Patrick Murphy

    09/01/2019Commonground CGHole #14Par: 3Yards: 174Club: 8 Iron

  • Matthew Walker

    08/03/2019Harvard GulchHole #1Par: 3Yards: 85Club: Sand Wedge

  • Joe Cantalamessa

    07/10/2019Country Club at Castle PinesHole #12Par: 3Yards: 124Club: Pitching Wedge

  • Margi Batal

    07/09/2019Aspen Golf ClubHole #8Par: 3Yards: 115Club: 7 iron

  • Laura Robinson

    04/09/2018hiwanHole #3Par: 3Yards: 145Club: 5

  • Douglas Radtke

    09/10/2015Black Bear Golf ClubHole #3Par: 3Yards: 131Club: 8 iron