Where is the Woman of my Golf Dreams?

Dear Molly: My dream is to meet a cool woman who’ll play golf with me. Do you have any nice friends? Or even some ideas on how to find my match?

I found Mr. McMulligan in the usual way, online. In his grainy mugshot, he was holding a golf trophy and wearing a golf hat, making him an easy mark for someone who was looking for a cool man to play golf with. Anyway, the odds are in favor of those looking for cool golf guys. With the game still pretty much a 4-to-1 men’s world, they’re at the range, on the putting green, in the 19th hole bar and at all the trendy new golfertainment spots that you can read about here.

But all is not hopeless. I do have some nice friends who play golf. And I have lots of ideas, beyond naming yourself GottaGoGolf at an online dating site.

First of all, turn on your radar when you are at the range, on the putting green, in the 19th hole bar and even having beers with your buddies at the simulator or putting course. If you see a group of women, or even a woman by herself, open a chat window! You’ve got common ground, an instant conversation starter without having to ask, “What’s your sign?”

I do recommend, however, not starting with, “What’s your index?” I also forbid you to give the object of your desire any tips. She may not look like she knows what she’s doing, but that doesn’t mean she wants your help. My mother told me never to take candy or golf tips from strangers. Just make golf conversation – Home course? Weather? Tiger Woods? – and you’ll find out soon enough if she’s interested and available.

Try these strategies at the Colorado Golf Expo Feb. 17-19, where you can trade notes on good deals and new products over an adult beverage sample at The Turn. You may literally bump into The One in line for the South Suburban wheel spin.

If on one sunny Saturday you and a buddy happen to be paired up with two women in your desired demographic, make the most of the day. Don’t drive past their tees or rattle change when they’re putting, do make friendly conversation and be chivalrous in any way you can. Even if it turns out they are partnered with someone else or with each other, you can make it known that you’re single and looking for a woman who plays golf. They will know other women golfers.

I’d suggest a coed league to improve your chances, but I found only one of these in the CGA’s listings, the Above Par mixed league based at Valley Hi Golf Course in Colorado Springs. Saddleback in Firestone has a coed senior league that plays on Wednesday mornings. There are some couples leagues around, but I don’t recommend hanging around waiting for a breakup. Red Hawk Ridge in Castle Rock has a coed league that plays on Thursday evenings and welcomes couples and singles, but it’s full. And the waiting list is even full!

Golfers, we obviously need more coed leagues in Colorado. Email me if you’re interested.

Come spring, you might find a mixed golf group on You can also find a listing there for the American Singles Golf Association, which has an active Denver chapter.

If all else fails, note that the CGA’s Women’s Golf Summit is going to be March 4th at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Have you seen those guys dancing on corners, waving big signs?

Molly McMulligan, created by golf journalist and CGA member Susan Fornoff, is the CGA’s on-the-course advisor on how to have more fun on the golf course. She deeply appreciates the experiences and relationships golf has brought her as she’s played everywhere from famed Cypress Point to a remote Scottish nine that had an honors collection box at check-in. Trust us, you don’t want to take swing lessons from Molly. But if you’ve got a question about etiquette, relationships or the culture of golf in Colorado, Molly will find the answer. Send your questions along here.



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