Fall Fitness 2.0

You know it’s fall in Colorado when you see the leaves changing and feel the temperature begin to drop a little more each week. As of last year, CGA members found another indicator of the fall season upon us – the Fall Fitness Finish! The Fall Fitness Finish is our end of season challenge encouraging members of the CGA to post their golf scores and compete with other golfers to see who walks the most steps while playing. Participants register – CLICK HERE – and indicate whether they will be walking, riding, or a combination of the two throughout the competition. Steps are calculated through scores posted to GHIN based on the following: 

  • 9-hole walking: 5,000 steps  
  • 9-hole riding: 2,500 steps  
  • 18-hole walking: 10,000 steps  
  • 18-hole riding: 5,000 steps  
  • Combination Walkers & Riders:  
    • Steps will be reported alternating between walking and riding step counts.  
    • A form will be sent out in the middle and end of the competition for participants to manually indicate which rounds were walked or rode.  

2022 marks the second year of the Fall Fitness Finish, and its inaugural year saw huge success with 355 CGA members participating – 121 walkers, 31 riders, and 203 members who are both. In total, 26,091,250 steps were recorded throughout the competition! Last year’s winner was Suzie Frenchman, who clocked a total of 560,000 steps!

This year’s Fall Fitness Finish will begin on September 22, the first day of fall, and end on November 15, the last day of score posting season in Colorado. Prizes are awarded to participants each week at random from those participants who post a score to GHIN. This year’s prizes will be announced soon, so make sure to stay tuned to find out what you can win just for playing golf.   

To enter the Fall Fitness Finish, click HERE.