Tyler Turpin Joins CGA Staff

Please join us in welcoming Tyler Turpin as one of our newest staff members here at the Colorado Golf Association. Tyler will serve as one of the 2020 P.J. Boatwright Tournament Operation Interns.
He will primally be traveling extensively throughout the state of Colorado assisting in conducting competitions and qualifying events.

Getting to know Tyler:

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am from Dickson, Tennessee. I graduated in four years from Martin Methodist College in May of 2019. I also played golf for MMC for all four years. This is my second P.J. Boatwright Internship, my first being with the Alabama Golf Association in the summer of 2019.

How are you enjoying the state of Colorado?

I am enjoying the state of Colorado. The mountain view is always nice in the background and cannot wait to get out on the golf courses.

What interests you about the game of golf?

I enjoy the challenges that golf provides that go along with not only the physical ability but also mental. I also like how golf can be played in many ways and how each player has their own strategies and plans for managing rounds.

Why did you decide to become an intern at the CGA?

I wanted to stay in the golf industry and saw a great opportunity at this association in a state that has beautiful sites.

What are you most excited about this internship?

I am excited to see some of the great courses in Colorado and meet some of the great players around the state.

After a month with CGA, how would you assess the culture here?

I would assess the culture as fun and hard working. Everyone doing their best help build and grow the association.

At the end of this internship, what did you wish to have accomplished?

I hope to learn a lot in many different areas that go into golf administration. I also hope to network myself and leave an impression on everyone I meet.