Concepts of Personality Profile Autobiography Essay


A personality profile is simply a description of an individual’s professional qualifications. plagiarism detector edubirdie Personality profiles can also be defined as tests that are used to evaluate a person’s attributes in terms of the personal, educational background as well as professional achievements. edubirdie legal There are various personality profiles with some being straightforward while others are complex and require some training so as to undertake the tests effectively.


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The personality profiles are administered by a variety of responsible individuals for instance counselors, psychologists, human resource managers among others. edubirdie reliable This piece of work looks at a practical personal profile and the positive and negative aspects associated with the use of a personal profile as a tool in the selection and retaining of employees in business organizations.

My personality profile

There are various personality profiles for example the Hartman personality profile, DISC profile personality test, Myers-Briggs type indicator and Enneagram of personality among others. ca edu birdie review For the purpose of this assignment, I undertook the Hartman personality profile test; the color code.

It entails four colors (red, blue, white and yellow) each with a specific significance in terms of personal attributes. review for Form the test; I was able to know my color, and hence my personality, through answering of some questions. how much edubirdie cost To my surprise the test produced accurate results of me in regard to how I perceive myself as well as how other people categorized me. au.edubirdie complaints My color is red and has a tendency of having the urge to get things done.

Leadership is in me and I tend to make quick and efficient decisions when faced with various situations. edubirdie website safe My negative attributes is that I tend to see myself to be always right and project self expectations even when it comes to group work without consideration of the abilities possessed by different individuals (Nyren par 3).

The positive and negative aspects of personality profiles as tools for selecting and retaining employees in businesses

Personality profiles have become common among employers, teachers and psychologists as a way through which they can have a deeper understanding of people in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Personality profiles have proved to be effective in determining the communication and interaction ability of an individual, the ability to make decisions and respond to various situations as well as the adaptability and suitability in a particular employment opportunity. edu.birdy Strategies such as questionnaires, observation and interviews could be utilized to develop personality profiles.


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Personality profiles have got both positive and negative aspects when it comes to selection, recruitment and retaining of employees in an organization. edubiride It is a valuable tool as it assists in matching of an individual’s qualifications and a particular job opportunity. On my own account, I conclude that most of the personality profiles are accurate as the results from the test clearly depicted me.

If the personal profile was used as a tool to get me a job opportunity and retain me, then it would be effective and would match my personal attributes with the job. Some of the negative attributes associated with the use of personality profiles as a means of selection and retaining employees is that their accuracy are questionable especially those that are readily available on the internet and their sources are not authentic.

Personality profile also utilize sophisticated knowledge management technology that would necessitate extra efforts by organizations especially where various job candidates are involved and face to face communication and evaluation still remain to be a better option in terms of authenticity. Although personality profiles are effective to a certain extent, proper strategies of evaluation should be put in place to ensure that the right candidates are selected, recruited and retained (Schermerhorn 59).

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