What’s My Next Step after Topgolf?

Dear Molly: My golf experience is limited to goofing around at Topgolf, but I like it! What’s my next step?

I met a gal on the golf course Easter Sunday who had affixed her phone to her golf cart so that she could film her tee shots. She was going to send the videos to an online instructor for feedback! I asked where she went for lessons and she said, “YouTube.” And her swing was looking good! So there are no rules when it comes to your next step, only your personal preference.

The CGA has a couple offerings specifically for women: practice clinics and, for intermediate players with on-course experience, playing clinics. These mix social fun with a structured program in the practice clinics and more customized tips in the playing clinics. Check out the full schedule here.

Both men and women can find adult introductory programs through their local course or parks and rec that will help with that transition. Groups tend to be small and stay together as their levels advance, so you can start building a network that way. A big plus: These always address how to show up at the course like you know what you’re doing!

And, don’t be too quick to dump Topgolf. It debuted in 2000 as the black sheep of golf but is viewed today as a partner of green grass courses. I checked in with Ben Wolski, director of operations at Colorado’s newest Topgolf, Colorado Springs, and he says over eight years with the company he’s seen many players become enamored with the game we all know and love.

“If you come out to Topgolf and you’re just goofing around but you hit it well a few times, perfect, you’re hooked!” says Ben. “We all have that one shot that you remember from the round that keeps you coming back, even though you hacked half the time you were out there.”

Every Topgolf has a Director of Instruction that offers lessons, individual or group, and can even take students out for a green grass lesson once they feel comfortable. Ben says Springs Topgolf students have gotten to experience real turf at the likes of Pine Creek, Flying Horse, Eisenhower and Bear Dance.

Another Topgolf intermediate stop might be the Monday night social leagues, which welcome any level of golfer. “It’s a no-judgment zone at Topgolf,” Ben says.

That “come one, come all” welcome has been a key to Topgolf’s success, one that the greater golf industry has taken to heart. My Easter Sunday playing partner has no qualms about signing up as a single to play a weekend round at any Colorado golf course! So, pick your next step, and take it.

Molly McMulligan, created by golf journalist and CGA member Susan Fornoff, is the CGA’s on-the-course advisor on how to have more fun on the golf course. You don’t want to take swing lessons from Molly, but if you’ve got a question about etiquette, relationships or the culture of golf in Colorado, Molly will find the answer. Send your questions along here.


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