Raining Points

The 2023 CGA Women’s Team Stableford Tournament kicks off the season!

The CGA Women’s Team Stableford Tournament kicked off the women’s tournament season. The tournament was hosted at Hiwan Golf Club in Evergreen, Colorado. Thirty teams made up the field with four different flights.  

Holli Doyle, Tina Reeves, Kim Ellison and Kay Boyle of the fourth flight were this year’s overall champions with a total of 110 points, while Sarah Sisneros, Lori Gude, Kayla Kothe and Paulette Jerpe took home the first flight title after accruing 109 points.

Karen Deierhoi, SyRae Weikle, Mabel Gong and Annie Fox won the second flight in dominant fashion with 106 points, nine more than the second-place finishers and defending champions.

After taking home the hardware last year, Sharon Thiel, Laura Wetzel, Karen Leuschel and Bunny Ambrose of Riverdale WGA accrued 97 points, finishing in second place within the second flight.

The third flight title went to Heidi Cles, Aimee Hamilton, Jeanette Paone and Barbara Harrison with 104 points.

Despite finishing 10 points shy of the overall winners, fourth flight victors Sallie Rupnow, Harlene Bowman, Candice Coppola and Kathy Nold still took home the hardware with 100 points.

Additionally, teams are pre-flighted according to combined Playing Handicap with approximately 8 teams per flight. An overall team champion will also be crowned, given to the team which completes the round with the most stableford points.  

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