How to Submit your Playing Tip

Thanks for participating! Our goal is to help promote you and your facility to our 62,000 members while providing them a few tips to lower their handicaps and bring more fun to the game.


  • Film it horizontally or landscape – not vertically (if using phone or tablet).
  • Use the best quality setting you can – we can always reduce, but never increase resolution.
  • Keep filming device as stable as possible.
  • Makes sure voice is audible – we can do some enhancements but need a decent starting place.
  • Keep it short! We are looking for 1-2 minutes total. A little over is OK of course!
  • If you need to shoot in parts we can splice together.
  • We’ll add your logo to the video and can edit the beginning and end if needed.
  • Once you have the video on your device, transfer the original file (.mp4 or .mov) to us
    • Make sure you send the original file, don’t “share” because devices tend to lowere the quality and size to send.
    • The file will probably be to big to email, so upload to a cloud drive, or use a website like to send (free up to 2G).
    • Send or share download link to Aaron Kellough at
  • Once you have sent the transfer, email Aaron to confirm that it was sent and include:
    • You name and title
    • Your facility
    • Any message you would like below your video on the page
    • Any website address you want us to link to
    • Any contact information you want us to share with viewers.


Not yet produced video — one shot — good to submit

Produced by CGA with a couple of angles spliced