Career Training

More and more people are looking to change their careers – either fed up with what they currently do, or want more responsibility and/or remuneration, or just really want to fulfill a dream.

Making the decision on a career change (and in most cases your lifestyle) is not an easy one to take. You have worries about whether you can make that career change without affecting other people in your life, will the career change actually be right for you, is it really the money that you want or is the position you seek more important? Changing careers in not always about money, it may be that you have wanted to do something like become a great chef but never got round to really looking into it as you were railroaded into an accounts role by parents and/or teachers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accounts roles (my brother is an accountant!) but it may not have been the fulfilling career you have always yearned for.

Once you make that decision to change your career, how do you go about fulfilling it? Well, there are now a fantastic range of Career Training courses available via correspondence, computer based training and classroom training to help you with that career move.

Correspondence Courses are paper based instructions whereby you study at your pace by module with (in most cases) tutor support. In general these courses allow you to sit an exam (via attendance to a testing center in some cased, but mostly by regular assignments throughout the duration of the course) and once you have passed be awarded a diploma or certificate dependent on the qualification.

Computer Based Training Courses are available for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or Web Based learning solutions. In most part the courses includes audio/visual, interactive exercises and computer simulations providing the student with a variety of training methods thereby keeping them enthusiastic and entertained. The courses allow the students to learn whenever they want and study at a pace comfortable to them.

Classroom Training or Instructor Led Training courses feature the ability to study away from the office at another location with time set aside dedicated to learning a new course. Some classroom training providers will also offer the examination facility. This training option gives the student access to a trainer for the duration of the course (and sometimes for a limited period after the course). You can also network with the other students that are taking the course. In some centres, training can be completed at weekends and evenings to fit in with your normal day job so you don’t even need to take time off.

What should I study to help me with my new career?

Well, there are far too many courses for me to list them all but if you don’t instantly know that you’ve always wanted to be a beautician or plumber then look at the most popular courses for that new career and see which one is for you:

Correspondence Courses – Nail Technician, Plumbing, Child Psychology, Animal Nursing Assistant, Hospitality Management, Retail Management, A Level Accounting, Child Day Care, GCSE Maths, GCSE English

Computer Based Training – Microsoft Office 2003, CompTIA A+, Cisco CCNP, MS Project 2007, MS Office 2007, MCSD, MCTS, SQL Server 2005, MCPD, ASP.Net 2.0, Java, Visual Basic

Classroom Training – Citrix Training, Project Management Training, MCDST Training, Team Leadership Training, Sales Training, Cisco Training, Security Training

Once you have decided on a new career (or a course that advances your current career), and have selected the learning method that suits you, then go for it. Don’t look back, but always look forward. This really is the best time for thinking about changing your career with so much on offer and the greatest choice of courses available to you.

So, take the plunge and make the all important decision that will make your dreams come true – get your new career now.