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  • Nancy Mutz

    12/05/2022Englewood Broken TeeHole #9Yards: 168Club: Driver
  • Byron Miller

    12/04/2022Chipeta golf courseHole #17Yards: 124Club: 9 iron
  • Cameron Coburn

    11/27/2022Littleton Golf and Tennis ClubHole #8Yards: 101Club: Sand Wedge
  • Sylvester Houston

    11/26/2022Walking StickHole #6Yards: 187Club: 7 Iron
  • Larry Hasler

    11/19/2022Redlands Mesa Golf CourseHole #3Yards: 100Club: 9 iron
  • Ann Olson

    11/06/2022Country Club at WoodmoorHole #4Yards: 110Club: 9 iron
  • Patrick Singh

    11/03/2022Red Hawk RidgeHole #11Yards: 132Club: 7
  • Kara Birkedahl

    11/01/2022Wellshire Golf CourseHole #2Yards: 110Club: 7 iron
  • Doug Hauth

    11/01/2022Black BearHole #14Yards: 170Club: 6
  • Nancy Mutz

    10/31/2022Littleton Golf and TennisHole #9Yards: 139Club: 7 Wood
  • Chaz Miller

    10/14/2022Murphy CreekHole #8Yards: 183Club: 6 Iron
  • Henry Leuthauser

    10/11/2022WellshireHole #14Yards: 210Club: 4-Hybride
  • Geo Roberts

    10/06/2022Eisenhower Blue CourseHole #7Yards: 119Club: Pitching Wedge
  • JoAnn Barbour

    10/06/2022Homestead Golf CourseHole #2Yards: 161Club: 3 Wood
  • Kym Bevan

    10/05/2022Chipeta golf courseHole #7Yards: 166Club: Driver
  • Evan Kalac

    09/23/2022Saddleback Golf ClubHole #16Yards: 255Club: 5 Wood
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