Success at Women’s Summit

It was another successful Women’s Summit at the CGA! 240 participants logged on to our virtual summit, Saturday, March 5th, to listen in on multiple sessions throughout the day. These sessions included “Why Your Game is Limited to Your Body”, “Different Forms of Play”, Golf Genius sessions for beginners and advanced users, and an exclusive interview with Hiwan member Laura Shepard Churchley (daughter of Alan Shepard), which you can find HERE. 94 clubs were represented at the summit, which included 45 club presidents, 27 handicap chairs, 20 tournament chairs, and 148 other CGA members.  

The CGA would like to thank our guest presenters: Kate Moore, CGA Director of Competition, Lewis Harry, PGA, CGA’s Director of Rules and Competition, Justin Scott from Golf Genius and Dee Tidwell at Colorado Golf Fitness Club.

If you missed today, don’t worry! All sessions are recorded and will be uploaded to our website by March 11.