Molly McMulligan’s Fab 5

Style up! Here are 5 hot – and cool – apparel trends for Colorado’s fashion-forward golfers

Every January, the golf industry convenes in Orlando to show and see the latest in golf apparel, gizmos, gadgets and equipment. For the second straight year, the big companies stayed home. That shifted the spotlight to a lot of smaller and mid-size clothiers that may be bringing fresh looks to your local golf shop soon – alongside such area favorites as TravisMathew, Under Armour and Puma.

We checked in with experts at the CGA, CommonGround, South Suburban golf shops and PGA Tour Superstore to find out what to look for this spring.

  1. Brighten up! Guys, if there’s one word for the golf shirt in 2022, it’s LOUD. Says Jacob Woodford, General Manager of the PGA Tour Superstore in Greenwood Village, “All ages are shopping these brands with vibrant colors and patterns. We’ve got the William Murray brand, and now we’re getting in Chubbies and Bad Birdies. These are definitely not like Ralph Lauren, Polo and Footjoy.” Matthew Walker, CGA’s Manager of Member and Sponsor Engagement, walked the aisles in Orlando and hasn’t been able to erase the image of a baby blue shirt covered with images of hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. “Loudmouth used to be the only loud company,” he says. “Now they’re definitely not the only one.”
  2. Gals, consider a dress. After years on the cutting edge, golf dresses will be coming soon to a pro shop near you. “Dresses took off last year,” says South Suburban District Merchandise Coordinator Kristen Benson. “Often a dress is more cost effective than putting together a top and bottom.” They’re cool, easy to launder, and, says Benson, “They’re fashionable right now.” In fact, says Benson, dresses and skorts are pushing shorts off the racks for women golfers.
  3. Belt up, or not. Most women don’t wear belts: They have been wearing shirts outside their skorts and shorts for years. Men, however, may have to belt up to meet dress codes. “Nexbelt is one of my favorites,” says CommonGround Director of Operations Ben Pennymon. “There’s variety in the colors, it clicks to fit, and you can cut the belt for custom sizing. You can squeeze it in a little bit on the days when you’re feeling a little slimmer and, you know, let it out on those other days. And their price range runs the gamut.” There also seems to be hope for the guys who’d rather go untucked. Many of those companies we mentioned above, plus local newbie Moonshine Golf, are making comfy button-down shirts designed to be worn outside, including aloha shirt styles.
  4. Sun protection is cool. “Five years ago, those sun sleeves were really big, but there’s not the demand now,” Benson says. “I think it’s because most fabrications have some element of sun-protection built in.” IBKUL is a good example: Its golf clothes have 50-plus SPF with IceFil technology to cool the wearer by as many as five degrees. Plus, it doesn’t smell weird. Pennymon is stocking SanSoleil’s colorful sun-blocking tops for women this year. And Jamie Sadock, a popular women’s brand, had such success with its Sunsense underlayer, it’s introduced stand-alone long-sleeve shirts meant to be worn in hot weather.
  5. Think double duty. Molly McMulligan says there aren’t any golf clothes you can’t wear someplace else, so classify your closet by tops and bottoms, not golf clothes, work clothes and leisure clothes. Your workout wear will get you onto most municipal courses. The hoodie you wear to the Broncos game works for golf, because unfortunately we sometimes need those in Colorado. Team that skort up with a simple top, leggings and boots, and you’re off to work. “Being able to go back and forth between two environments has been really key for how golf fashion has evolved for the past couple years,” says Pennymon. “You have a lot of crosspollination and flexibility.”

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