Molly McMulligan’s Fab 5


by Susan Fornoff

With hundreds of CGA members walking up a storm of steps for this year’s Fall Fitness Finish, this seems like a good time for some foot priming and pampering.

So here are five ways to show some appreciation to our primary propellers.

  1. Get a “spa” pedicure. Guys, if you think a pedicure is all about the pastel polishes, you’re missing out on the skillful nail trimming, skin exfoliation, callous filing and, oh the best, hydrating massaging that “spa” signals. Try one after you walk your next 18.
  2. Roll out the knots. Just as our neck and shoulders knot up as we hunch over our laptops, our feet feel the pressure of long walks. There are some foot-specific rollers out there, but podiatrists say we golfers own several of the best foot rollers of all: golf balls! So while you’re hunching over your laptop, treat your tootsies by rolling a golf ball around on the floor with your foot. Vary the pressure as needed and tolerated.
  3. Go to the couch. And while you’re there, exercise. Circle the ankles. Point and flex. Thread your fingers between your toes and wiggle everything around. Put a golf towel on the floor and use your toes to scrunch it up. Podiatrists are fond of assigning these as physical therapy. Why wait for an injury?
  4. Sock it to ‘em. The best socks for golf don’t necessarily have “golf socks” in their name, but they do have several properties comforting to golfers. Double layers and snug fit help minimize blisters. Ventilation and tech fabrics keep your foot cooler and drier in summer. And a little padding around the front of the foot and the heel soften the blows of 18 holes of hoofing. But socks don’t maintain all these properties for more than a golf season of washes. Researching this article persuaded me to order a few new pairs.
  5. Last but not least: It’s all about the shoes! There are so many options. Replaceable spikes, or little nubs? Leather or canvas? Sporty looks or more structured styles? When Tiger Woods felt he had to wear FootJoys rather than Nikes at the Masters, he wasn’t necessarily disrespecting his biggest sponsor. Nike has specialized in comfy athletic styles while FootJoy is known for strong support. If you have several different pairs, try this experiment for a few weeks: When you take off your shoes at the end of your round, rate your foot fatigue and soreness. After three or four rounds in each pair, a pattern will emerge and you will identify your feet’s BFF.  

Veteran journalist Susan Fornoff has written about golf for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, ColoradoBiz magazine and her own She became a CGA member when she moved from Oakland, CA, to Littleton in 2016, and ghost-writes as “Molly McMulligan,” the CGA’s on-course consultant on golf for fun.