CommonGround Golf Course staying on top of Snow

Daydreaming about warm summer days and playing golf has become the new normal during this bitterly cold winter. As we wait for the sun to shine, our golf course superintendents are busy making those green grass dreams come true.

Many superintendents are not just sitting back and waiting for the snow to melt. The team at CommonGround Golf Course led by Mitch Savage, Director of Agronomy is actively working on removing snow from the putting greens. Removing the snow from the putting surface prevents ice build-up. “What we have mostly seen in terms of ice buildup is some ‘foggy’ or ‘crispy’ ice under the snow cover which isn’t as bad or worrisome as the ‘skating rink’ or ‘coke bottle’ glass,” said Savage. Now that the snow is removed, the sun can melt the thin ice layer between snow events. In addition to the snow removal, they have also used black sand to aid in the ice-melting process.

As golfers, we now wait for warmer temperatures. If you are looking for golf things to do while waiting for the snow to melt, check out the latest Spirit of the Game Podcast with Ed Mate and Lewis Harry, or purchase your tickets for the Colorado Golf Expo!

And don’t worry, we will let you know when CommonGround Golf Course is open so that you can utilize your 20% off discount by being a CGA Member!

Mid-January with a snowblower on #15 green
Halfway through applying the black sand. Note the slight color difference on the green between the snow and sand.
A few hours after black sand application. Notice the difference in how much it helps melt the ice.