2023 CGA Membership Dues Announcement and FAQ’s

September 1, 2022

Dear (Club Leaders),

As many of you begin to wrap up your league play and crown club champions, we want to provide an update on our plans for the 2023 season.

First, and most importantly, thank you for your support of the game, and your service to your members. It is that support that allows the CGA to exist and promote the game that we all love. Looking back over the past couple of years, the world, and our game, have experienced unprecedented change. Who would have guessed that golf would become SO popular again during a global pandemic?

Second, in 2020, before the pandemic, the CGA was set to implement an individual membership dues increase as had been our consistent practice every five-years since 2000. However, with the uncertainty of the pandemic, and despite rising costs, the CGA Board of Directors decided to defer an increase. During this time, thanks to membership growth and prudent fiscal management, the CGA has increased its support of facilities and leagues with investments in improved technology, customer service, an array of increased opportunities for members, as well as a commitment to statewide community outreach programs. Now looking ahead to 2023, we must plan for the future. Therefore, starting in 2023 the CGA will be increasing individual membership dues to $43.

Please know that the CGA Board of Directors did not take this decision lightly. Below is more rationale behind the dues increase.

  • 2016 Dues Increase. The last increase the CGA and Colorado Women’s Golf Association* implemented was in 2016 when we increased dues from $30 to $35. *Note: The CGA and CWGA integrated operations in 2018 to create one golf association to serve all golfers in Colorado.
  • Golf Genuis. Golf Genuis has become the leading platform for golf tournament management. The USGA had the foresight to partner with Golf Genius and invest to make it a best-in-class product. Beginning in 2023, the CGA and other state golf associations will take on the financial costs associated with Golf Genius™ Club. (Note: GG Premium will continue to require an additional annual subscription fee.) The CGA will now be making a significant annual investment beginning in 2023. We have heard loud and clear from our clubs and leagues that this is a very important service that cannot be disrupted. If you are not currently using Golf Genuis and want more information, please contact us. The dues increase will be used to pay this new obligation.
  • USGA GHIN® Products. The USGA is continually updating all GHIN® platforms and will introduce new features. With these updates and improvements, we anticipate the CGA will incur additional costs in the coming years.
  • Environmental & Advocacy Partnership. The CGA, as a member of the Colorado Golf Coalition, commissioned and published an Economic & Environmental Impact Report at significant cost. The CGA believes golf must continue to be represented by a united front when it comes to advocating
  • for the best interests of Colorado’s golf industry. To learn more about the Report visit: Between this report, our annual “Golf Day” at the State Capitol, and investing annually in lobbying support, the CGA and the Colorado Golf Coalition have created a strong and consistent voice to share the great things golf does to improve the quality of life in Colorado.
  • Continued Member Benefits & Services. Membership with the CGA means more than just a handicap! We plan to continue to add benefits for our members through playing opportunities, discounts, promotions, and products and services available through the CGA Member Zone.
  • Giving Back. Supporting other Colorado golf organizations is critically important. The CGA annually invests in nonprofit groups including the Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association (RMGCSA), the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame, the Colorado Open Golf Foundation, LPGA/USGA Girls Golf, and all three chapters of First Tee in Colorado.

As always, the CGA is grateful for club leaders like you who provide the platform to ensure the success of your leagues, clubs, and facilities. We look forward to working with you to create more programs and services that will further enhance your members’ golf experience.

Thank you again for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me or another CGA staff member with any questions.

Edward Mate

Executive Director/CEO
Colorado Golf Association

When was the last dues increase?

  • In the past, the CGA and CWGA collaboratively increased dues every five years.  The last dues increase happened in 2016.

What factors are motivating the increase in 2023?

  • After a seven-year dues freeze, the now unified CGA & CWGA are returning to the practice of increasing dues to meet growing operational costs. 
  • Starting in 2023, the CGA will cover the annual cost of Golf Genuis which had been originally paid by the USGA. This results in an immediate increase to our budget in 2023 and we anticipate rising Golf Genius costs over the next five years. Note: Golf Genius Premium will continue to require an additional annual subscription fee.
  • Since 2016 the USGA GHIN has dramatically improved the technology available to all CGA members.  Included in the advancements are the GHIN Mobile app which now provides golfers with easier aggregate and hole-by-hole scoring along with GPS technology for all shots.  Golfers can lookup other members and create “favorite” to play with friends and new competitors.  The USGA also created the ability to score your round with stats and monitor your shots based on club selection, fairways hit (both right & left) as well as greens in regulation. 
  • USGA products are continually evolving to support the needs of the golfer. With the updates and improvements, we anticipate additional costs to support the platform.

What additional benefits come with CGA Membership?

  • Member benefits and services are important to the CGA. The CGA continues to add value through a variety of member benefits that extend beyond the USGA-WHS handicap system.  In 2020 the CGA launched Member Play Days and Net Series events at private facilities across Colorado.  These informal and relaxed competitive events allow members across the state to play together regardless of ability. 
  • The CGA Member Zone provides extensive discounts, promotions, products, and services to currently 32 different businesses locally and nationwide.  We are committed to partnering with local businesses and will be continuously updating our partnerships to provide you with golf related offers our members can take advantage of through this exclusive area of our website.

Does my membership support more than the CGA?

  • Solich Caddie & Leadership Academy which was founded in 2012 is a two-year caddie training program. Caddies in the program have financial need, high academics, and a desire to learn the game through caddying. Currently, we have 7 chapters around the state. In addition to the 7 chapters, we also have the Broadmoor Caddie & Leadership Academy which is in its third year. All academy caddies not only learn about caddying but attend weekly meetings focusing on leadership and financial literacy. Since inception, 33 Solich caddies have gone on to receive the Evans Scholarship which is full-tuition and housing to the University of Colorado. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Youth on Course provides kids with the opportunity to play golf at participating facilities for $5 or less. By being a CGA member you are supporting the next generation of golfers.
  • Through our Community & Wellness programs the CGA works with partners such as Special Olympics, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and local schools to introduce participants to golf. All cost for the program is covered by the CGA.
  • Giving back to other Colorado golf organizations is critically important. We invest in nonprofit groups including Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association (RMGCSA), the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame, the Colorado Open Golf Foundation, LPGA/USGA Girls Golf and all three chapters of First Tee in Colorado.
  • Environmental & Advocacy Partnership is important to the CGA as we believe it is critical that golf be represented by a united front with it comes to advocating for the best interests of Colorado’s golf industry. CGA is a proud member of the Colorado Golf Coalition.

Are Club Dues increasing for 2023?

  • No. Club Dues will stay at $75 per club annually.

Are Facility Dues increasing for 2023?

  • No. Facility Dues will stay at $100 per 9-holes annually.  

What are the benefits included in CGA Facility, Club and Individual Membership?

What happens to Golfers belonging to more than one club?

  • CLICK HERE for a full explanation on golfers belonging to more than one club.

Will the cost of the “online” CGA membership fee of $59.95 increase?

  • No.

Will Associate Clubs still receive a $20 rebate for online membership?

  • Yes. Associate Clubs will continue to receive a $20 rebate for join online members.