In light of the COVID situation, we have moved the U.S. Open Pool to an online format that will be must be completed prior to the Zoom meeting on September 16th at 10:00am.

  • Entry fee is $10 (Paid below).
  • The U.S. Open field has been divided into three flights: The Champs, The Chance, and The Chumps.
  • You will select ONE player in each of the 3 Flights.
  • If the player you selected wins their Flight, you win the payout for that Flight.
    • You can win all three Flights if you are really good!
  • Everyone who selected a Flight champion will split the Flight payout equally
  • $50 the Smails Kid Wins the U.S. Open Bonus – If your selection win the U.S. Open your Flight payout will be boosted by $50.
  • If you choose a player that withdraws prior to the U.S. Open, you can change your pick by emailing Aaron Kellough (CLICK HERE) before the start of the tournament, otherwise your pick will become the alternate who replaced your player.
  • All CGA Teams and Flight leaders and will be posted here throughout the pool.