A Look Back at 2020

The start of the program this year presented a lot of challenges and uncertainty.  However thanks to the creativity, flexibility and hard work from our leadership team, caddie managers and caddies the summer turned out to be extremely successful!  Across our three chapters we had a total of 55 caddies complete over 1,800 loops!  The loops were a mixture of Forward Caddying and Hole Specific Caddying.  Throughout the month of June caddies were able to participate in virtual leadership classes and learn about financial literacy.  Throughout the month of July caddies were able to be in person outdoors for leadership classes where the Cowboy Ethics curriculum was taught.  All caddies completed at least 6 hours of volunteering throughout the summer as well.

2020 Awards by Chapter

Caddie Leader of the YearEllie RodriguezDanny ForebaughKalea Potter
Congeniality AwardAshoya EdwangGianna Dowling
Rookie of the YearJasline BeceraBraydon WodellKale Potter
Most Improved CaddieNobel EngdashetHannah Abbey
3D Award – Dedication-Determination-DesireKiara GuerreroMax Murray

11th Cowboy Ethics Principles

CaddieCowboy Ethics 11th PrincipleChapter
AlecStand up for what you believe in.Meridian
AlexandriaTreat others the way you want to be treated.CommonGround
AlexisTreat people how you want to be treated.CommonGround
AshoyaIt is important to live, laugh, and love. CommonGround
BraedanStay consistent in your work.Meridian
BraydonBe grateful no matter what.Meridian
BriannaAlways remember kindness and character.Meridian
CarolineMake your own decisions.CommonGround
ChimamakaDon't limit yourself.CommonGround
CooperIt's not the size fo the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. CommonGround
CristianDon't give up.CommonGround
DannyPositivity fuels productivity.Meridian
EllieEverything happens for a reason.CommonGround
ErikaBe honest.CommonGround
ErinRespect is earned, not given. CommonGround
GeorgiaBe open to new things.CommonGround
GiannaFix your work before others.Meridian
HalleKnow who you are then be you.CommonGround
HannahAlways think positively.Meridian
HaydenAlways find fun in everything you do.CommonGround
HudsonFake it til you make it.Meridian
IfeomaBe enough for yourself first, the rest of the world can wait. CommonGround
IsabellaDon't let people bring you down.CommonGround
JackDo your best.CommonGround
JacobSet your goals high.CommonGround
JaslineAlways try to see from the other persons perspective.CommonGround
JasmineAlways do your best.Grand Junction
JordanGive everything you've got.CommonGround
JovanQuality if more valuable than quantity.Meridian
KayvonBe kind.CommonGround
KeaganPay attention to your surroundings.CommonGround
KianaDon't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.CommonGround
KiaraSlow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.CommonGround
KileyPut in your best effort.Meridian
MakaelaAlways have an open mind.CommonGround
MalikIf thy crown tipping, your homie trippin. CommonGround
MarisolDon't be mean to others just because of what you are going through, you have no idea what they go through in their life. CommonGround
MaxJust send it.Meridian
MayaAlways look for light at the end of the tunnel.CommonGround
MayraBe yourself; everyone else is already taken.CommonGround
MicheleDo what makes you happy.CommonGround
NobelLife is full of opportunities, make the most of them. CommonGround
SarahWhen nothing goes right, go left. CommonGround
SophiaDon't feel like you have to prove yourself to anybody.CommonGround
SumerhaLife is full of important and meaningful things so don't let the small things get to your head.CommonGround
TycenAlways follow your own path, unless your lost in the woods and there’s a clear path, then by all means, follow that path.Grand Junction
WilliamAlways have fun, but be smart. CommonGround
ZanePut your best foot forward.CommonGround
ZephaniahMake the best of every situation.CommonGround