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NOTICE: Registration for 2018 CGA Championships opens on March 15th at 10 a.m. 

2018 CGA Championships



Senior Four-Ball Championship April 30 – May 2 West Woods GC
Four-Ball Championship May 4-6 Legacy Ridge GC
Super-Senior Match Play Championship May 21-24 Black Bear GC
Parent/Child Championship June 2-3 Keystone River GC
Senior Match Play Championship June 11-14 Buffalo Run GC
     - Qualifier #1 (Match Play Qual. #1) May 31 CC at Woodmoor
     - Qualifier #2 June 4 Buffalo Run GC
     - Qualifier #3 (Match Play Qual. #2) June 5 Highland Meadows GC
     - Qualifier #4 (Match Play Qual. #3) June 6 Battlement Mesa GC
118th Match Play Championship June 18-22 The Club at Ravenna
     - Qualifier #1 (Sr. Match Play Qual. #1) May 31 CC at Woodmoor
     - Qualifier #2 (Sr. Match Play Qual. #3) June 5 Highland Meadows GC
     - Qualifier #3 (Sr. Match Play Qual. #4) June 6 Battlement Mesa GC
     - Qualifier #4 June 7 Broken Tee GC
     - Last Chance Qualifier June 12 CommonGround GC
Western Chapter Championship July 14-15 The Bridges GC
82nd Amateur Championship August 2-5 Pinehurst CC
     - Qualifier #1 (U.S. Amateur Qual. #1) July 2 Fort Collins CC 
     - Qualifier #2 July 9 Colorado Springs CC
     - Qualifier #3 July 10 Collindale GC
     - Qualifier #4 (West. Chapter Champ.) July 14-15 The Bridges GC 
     - Qualifier #5 (U.S. Amateur Qual. #2) July 16 Columbine CC 
     - Qualifier #6 July 18 Buffalo Run GC
     - Last Chance Qualifier July 19 CommonGround GC
Super-Senior Stroke Play Championship     August 22-23 Perry Park CC
47th Senior Amateur Championship Sept. 11-13 Eisenhower GC - Blue Course
     - Qualifier #1 July 24 Omni Interlocken GC
     - Qualifier #2 Aug. 15 Twin Peaks GC
     - Qualifier #3 (Mid-AM Am Qual. #2) Aug. 27 Tiara Rado GC
     - Qualifier #4 Aug. 28 Coal Creek GC
     - Qualifier #5 (Mid-AM Am Qual. #3) Aug. 30 Walking Stick GC
     - Last Chance Qualifier Sept. 4 Thorncreek GC
32nd Mid-Amateur Championship Sept. 28-30 CommonGround GC
     - Qualifier #1 (U.S. Mid-Am Qual.) Aug. 21 Lone Tree GC 
     - Qualifier #2 (Sr. Am Qual. #3) Aug. 27 Tiara Rado GC
     - Qualifier #3 (Sr. Am Qual. #5) Aug. 30 Walking Stick GC
     - Qualifier #4 Sept. 6 Ute Creek GC
     - Qualifier #5 Sept. 20 Spring Valley GC
     - Last Chance Qualifier Sept. 25 Thorncreek GC

Please contact the CGA Rules & Competitions Department with any questions: 303.366.4653 x4 or email us

2018 CGA Women's Championships



Women's Brassie Championship May 21 – 22 The Club at Flying Horse
CGA Parent/Child Championship June 2-3 Keystone River GC
Women's Mashie Championship June 4 – 6 Legacy Ridge GC / Coal Creek GC
Women's Stroke Play Championship June 20-22 Black Bear GC
Women's Match Play Championship July 10-13 Fox Hill Club
Women's Hickory Championship August 1 Riverdale Dunes Golf Course
Women's Senior Stroke Play August 13-14 Greeley CC
Women's Niblick Championship August 21 Omni Interlocken Resort GC
Women's Dunham Chapman Sept. 15-16 Keystone River GC
Women's Club Team Championship Sept. 24 Inverness GC



NOTICE: Registration for 2018 USGA Qualifiers opens the week of March 5th

2018 USGA Qualifiers



U.S. Open Local #1 May 7 Walnut Creek Golf Preserve
U.S. Open Local #2 May 9 CommonGround GC
U.S. Open Local #3 May 15 Collindale GC
U.S. Senior Open May 28 Broadmoor GC (East)
U.S. Boys Junior Amateur June 26 Buffalo Run GC
U.S. Amateur #1 July 2 Fort Collins CC
U.S. Amateur #2 July 16 Columbine CC
U.S. Senior Amateur July 24 Omni Interlocken Resort GC
U.S. Mid-Amateur Aug. 21 Lone Tree GC
U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Sept. 18 Broadlands GC

If you are interested in playing in a USGA qualifier that is also a Colorado Golf Association qualifier, you will need to register both with the USGA and the CGA. To register for CGA events,  CLICK HERE.

Please contact the CGA Rules & Competitions Department with any questions: 303.366.4653 x4 or email us


NOTICE: Registration for 2018 USGA Qualifiers opens the week of March 5th 

2018 USGA Women's Qualifiers



U.S. Women's Open May 14 The Ranch CC
U.S. Senior Women's Open June 12 CommonGround GC
U.S. Girls Junior Amateur June 26 Colorado National GC
U.S. Women's Amateur June 27 Walnut Creek Golf Preserve
U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Aug. 22 Grand Elk GC
U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Sept. 5 Fox Hollow GC
U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Sept. 10 Broadmoor GC (West)



2018 Events



Twin Peaks Invitational 4/14 - 4/15 Twin Peaks GC
Fox Hill Invitational 4/21 - 4/22 Fox Hill Club
Ute Creek Invitational 4/28 - 4/29 Ute Creek GC
The Bridges Championship 5/19 - 5/20 The Bridges GC
Raccoon Creek Amateur 5/26 - 5/27 Raccoon Creek GC
Black Canyon Classic 6/2 - 6/3 Black Canyon GC
Collindale Invitational 6/2 - 6/3 Collindale GC
Valley Hi Springer Championship 6/8 - 6/10 Valley Hi GC
Highland Hills Amateur Open 6/9 - 6/10 Highland Hills GC
Denver City Amateur 6/16 - 6/17 Wellshire GC
Stars And Stripes Cup 6/23 - 6/24 Eisenhower GC
Southridge Invitational 6/23 - 6/24 SouthRidge GC
Pueblo City Championship 6/30 - 7/1 Elmwood GC
Glenwood Open 7/7 - 7/8 Glenwood Springs GC
Dick Billehus Invitational 7/14 - 7/15 Greeley CC
Black Canyon Seniors Championship 7/21 - 7/22 Black Canyon GC
Aurora Senior Amateur 8/4 - 8/5 Aurora Hills GC
75th Annual Wellshire Four-Ball 9/1 - 9/3 Wellshire GC
Estes Park 59th Annual Labor Day Tournament 9/1 - 9/3 Estes Park GC
Colorado Springs City Championship 9/1 - 9/3 Patty Jewett GC
Rifle Creek Labor Day Championship TBD Rifle Creek GC
Haymaker Fall Classic TBD Haymaker GC
Twin Peaks Fall Invitational TBD Twin Peaks GC
Boulder City Amateur 9/22 - 9/23 Flatirons GC
Aurora Amatuer Championship 9/22 - 9/23 Meadow Hills GC
Buffalo Run Amateur Open 10/13 Buffalo Run GC

To add an event to this schedule, please contact the CGA Rules & Competitions Department at 303.366.4653 x4 or email us


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CGA Amateur Championship

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CGA Match Play Championship

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CGA Mid-Amateur Championship

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CGA Senior Amateur Championship

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CGA Senior Match Play Amateur Championship

New this year, the Senior Match Play Championship will begin on Monday with a 64-player bracket. The bracket will be filled by registered exempt players and pre-tournament qualifying rounds. Please see the tournament information page for more information.
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CGA players may earn performance points in four categories of events: USGA qualifiers and championships,
CGA championships, selected state and national events, and regular club hosted weekend events. The points
system helps identify Colorado's top male amateur players for year-end recognition, selection to the Colorado
Cup Teams (Open and Senior Divisions), the Pacific Coast Amateur Team, the USGA State Team Championship,
and exemptions into the Colorado Open, the Colorado Senior Open, and
selected CGA Championships.




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Year Les Fowler Award Mid-Amateur Senior Super-Senior
2017 Jake Staiano Chris Thayer Keith Atkins Kent Moore
2016 Kyler Dunkle Chris Thayer Robin Bradbury
2015 David Oraee Chris Thayer David Delich
2014 Michael Harrington Michael Harrington Kent Moore
2013 Derek Fribbs Keith Humerickhouse Harry Johnson
2012 Steven Kupcho Keith Humerickhouse David Delich
2011 Zahkai Brown Steve Irwin Harry Johnson
2010 Gunner Wiebe Keith Humerickhouse Sean Forey
2009 Steve Ziegler Michael Harrington Robert Polk
2008 Patrick Grady Jon Lindstrom Robert Polk
2007 Patrick Grady   Robert Polk
2006 Rick DeWitt   Kent Moore
2005 Derek Tolan   John Olive
2004 Steve Irwin   Ronald Knapp
2003 Kane Webber   Scott Radcliffe
2002 Kevin Stadler   John Olive
2001 Ben Portie   John Olive
2000 Matt Call   John Olive
1999 Rick DeWitt   John Olive
1998 Rick DeWitt   John Olive
1997 Scott Mendelsohn   John Olive
1996 Jason Allen & Rick DeWitt   Grant Maples, Jr.
1995 Rick DeWitt   John Golden
1994 Tim Burns   Bert Welz
1993 Bobby Kalinowski   John Golden
1992 Trey Maples   Bert Welz
1991 Rick DeWitt   Bert Welz
1990 Brett Dean   Warren Simmons
1989 Tom McGraw & Kent Moore   Les Fowler
1988 Mike Glaesel   Larry Anderson
1987 Tom McGraw   Larry Eaton
1986 Bill Loeffler   Larry Eaton
1985 Brandt Jobe   Larry Eaton
1984 Matt Potter   Larry Eaton
1983 Tim Smith   Roger Little
1982 Rick Cramer   Larry Eaton
1981 Steve Jones   Larry Eaton
1980 Steve Jones & Terry Kahl   Les Fowler
1979 Chris Nordling   Les Fowler
1978 David Lee   Les Fowler


Fade to Black

Saddle Rock/Murphy Creek squad overcomes Glenwood Springs in 'lights out' 2017 CGA Team Interclub final

by Gary Baines - 10/16/2016

A CGA Team Interclub season that lasted five months wasn't officially complete until long after the sun had set on Sunday night and play had ended in the championship match.

In a controversial final in which one four-ball and two singles matches weren't completed as darkness fell, the combined men's club from Saddle Rock and Murphy Creek Golf Courses defeated Glenwood Springs Golf Club 22-14 at CommonGround Golf Course to win its first CGA Team Interclub title. --READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

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