The CGA State Junior Championship launched in 2022 as a modern and elevated version of the historic CGA/CWGA Junior Stroke Play and Junior Match Play Championships and the JGAC Colorado Junior Amateur and Junior Match Play Championships. Showcase your skills against the state’s best! Compete in the marquee CGA State Junior Championship at the Home of the CGA for a chance to etch your name in Colorado golf history.

How to Register

Step 1. Players must be an active member of the CGA/Youth on Course.

Step 2. Log in or create a Golf Genius Tournament Player Profile and register.

2024 Schedule

Registration begins March 15 at 8:00am MST.

CGA State Junior Championship – Open DivisionJune 23-27NACommonGround GCAurora
Qualifier: CGA State Jr Championship – Southern COApril 21April 14Patty Jewett GC Colorado Springs
Qualifier: CGA State Jr Championship – Eastern COMay 5April 28Quail Dunes GCFort Morgan
Qualifier: CGA State Jr Championship – Northern COMay 29May 22Southridge GC Fort Collins
Qualifier: CGA State Jr Championship – Metro COJune 6May 30Flatirons GCBoulder
Qualifier: CGA State Jr Championship – Western COJune 10June 3Gypsum Creek GC Gypsum
CGA State Junior Championship – 13U, 11UJuly 23-24July 16CommonGround GCAurora
CGA State Junior Championship – 9UJuly 23-24July 16CommonGround GC – Par 3Aurora

Important Notes

  • Open Division: Exempt players will be notified. The registration deadline for all exempt players is April 13, 2024.
  • Open Division: Non-exempt players may only compete in ONE qualifier.
  • 13U, 11U, 9U Divisions: There are no qualifiers for these Championships. Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis.
Exemptions - State Junior Withdraw/Refund Policy Past Champions
Code of Conduct

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2023 CGA State Junior Championship Exemptions


Boy’s Player Category Girls’ Player Category
Caldwell, Quinton 3 Aeschleman, Abigail 3
Cushman, Luke 3,7 Ashton, Hadley 5
DeStefano, Brayden 10 Bante, Madeline 4
Everett, Dylan 2,3 Boonta, Bead 4
Gover, Talan 2,3,7 Chin, Caitlyn 2
Juergens, Grant 7,8 Hale, Logan 2,8
Klein, Sawyer 3,8 Higgins, Brenna 3
Knox, Reese 7 Makino, Maddie 11
Leydon, Kyle 3,4,8 Schroeder, Ava 4
Long, Tyler 2 Wilson, Ashleigh 2,3
Michaels, Caleb 9 Zingler, Kaitlin 2
Peragallo, Ryan 3    
Richmond, Noah 7    
Sales, Sawyer 2    
Samuelson, Grant 2,7    
Wagner, Noah 7    
Weinmaster, Bradley 7    
Zadvorney, Max 8    


Note: In order to redeem your exemption you must be a member of the CGA

Boys – Key to Player Exemptions
1) Past Champion CGA State Junior Championship
2) Final 8 2022 CGA State Junior Championship
3) Top 10 2022 Colorado PGA Junior Championship
4) Top 10 2022 Colorado PGA Invitational
5) Top 10 2023 Aurora Junior Championship
6) Those who Qualify for the 2023 U.S. Junior Championship
7) Top 15 2022 AJGA Montrose
8) Top 15 2022 Flying Horse
9) Top 15 2023 AJGA Walnut Creek
10) Champion 2022 CHSAA 3A, 4A, 5A State Tournament
11) Champion 2022 13U CGA State Junior Championship
12) Top 15 2022 86th CGA Amateur Championship
13) Final 8 2023 123rd CGA Match Play Championship
14) Top 10 2022 CGA Western Chapter Championship
15) Top 15 CGA Junior Points List as of June 12, 2023
16) Top 15 CPGA Cup Series Points List as of June 12, 2023
17) Top 5 Summit Junior Points List as June 12, 2023
18) CGA Special Exemption


Girls – Key to Player Exemptions
1) Past Champion CGA State Junior Championship
2) Final 8 2022 CGA State Junior Championship
3) Top 5 2022 Colorado PGA Junior Championship
4) Top 5 2022 Colorado PGA Invitational
5) Top 5 2023 Aurora Junior Championship
6) Those who Qualified for the 2022 U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship
7) Those who Qualify for the 2023 U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship
8) Top 10 2022 AJGA Montrose
9) Top 10 2022 AJGA Flying Horse
10) Top 10 2023 AJGA Walnut Creek
11) Champion 2023 CHSAA 3A, 4A, 5A State Tournament
12) Champion 2022 13U CGA State Junior Championship
13) Top 10 2022 75th CGA Women’s Stroke Play Championship
14) Final 8 2023 108th CGA Women’s Match Play Championship
15) Champion CGA Western Chapter Championship
16) Top 10 CGA Junior Points List as of June 12, 2023
17) Top 10 CPGA Cup Series Points List as of June 12, 2023
18)Top 5 Summit Junior Tour Points List
19) CGA Special Exemption



Withdraw/Refund Policy

If a player needs to withdraw from an event, they must notify the CGA as soon as possible.
• Entrants who withdraw before the entry deadline date will be refunded less a $10 service fee regardless of the reason.
• Entrants who withdraw after the deadline date, but at least two days prior to the first day of the event, will receive a 50% refund of their entry fee.
• No refunds will be issued for any reason for withdrawal within two days or after the start of the event.

All refunds are issued to the person listed on the entry form. Allow up to two weeks for processing a refund.

NOTE: If a player is positive for COVID-19 at the time of the event a full refund will be given.

Past Champions

YearJunior Match Play - GirlsJunior Match Play - BoysJunior Stroke Play - GirlsJunior Stroke Play - Boys
2021Morgan MillerBen HardingEmma BryantCharlie Flaxbeard
2020Morgan MillerMatthew WilkinsonCharlotte HillaryBo Wardynski
2019Caroline JordaanConnor JonesKaylee ChenDillon Stewart
2018Lauren LehighJack CastigliaKatie BerrianJake Welch
2017Emma BryantKyle PearsonArielle KeatingDavis Bryant
2016Hailey SchalkGriffin BarelaMary WeinsteinBraden Bentley
2015Amy ChitkoksoongPierce AichingerMary WeinsteinIsaac Petersilie
2014Samantha BarkerSam MarleyJennifer KupchoRoss Macdonald
2013Sydney MerchantJake StaianoKelly MoranRoss Macdonald
2012Calli RingsbyAndrew RomanoCalli RingsbyJimmy Makloski
2011SeungHa ChoiJohn AhernAllie JohnstonSteven Kupcho
2010Lindsay McGetrickNick AllenPaige SpiranacJonathan Park
2009Somin LeeDerek FribbsSomin LeeWyndham Clark
2008Somin LeeBrian DorfmanBethany BuchnerKory Harrell
2007Melissa MartinMark HubbardElizabeth KresockMark Hubbard
2006Kayley KemptonTyler ParsloeBrooke CollinsTyler Parsloe
2005Kayley KemptonTyler ParsloeBecca HufferRiley Andrews
2004Rachel LarsonPatrick GradyKristin WallaJeff Bullock
2003Carla ScannielloTom GlissmeyerAshley TaitShea Sena
2002Kelly JaquesTom GlissmeyerKelly JaquesLuke Antonelli
2001Jennie PeekDan SilvaAimee TielmemlandDerek O'Neill
2000Lynette DuranDustin MillsLindsay HulwickJohn Hayes
1999Kate WaggonerChristian SanchezKate WaggonerBrett Tobyne
1998Nicki CutlerShawn WillsNicki CutlerMatt Hart
1997Nancy AbiecunasMike EnglishKelly SchaubGeoff Keffer
1996Nancy AbiecunasLeif OlsonNancy AbiecunasMike English
1995Katie KnodeBen FialaBritta OlsonLief Olson
1994Michelle ThomasRandy FrancisMichelle ThomasMarc Hocking
1993Jennifer KernCam OslerJennifer McCormickBen Fiala
1992Kelly HefferJay OsmonJennifer McCormickJeff Fujimoto
1991Kelly HefferMike TroyerJennifer McCormickMike Troyer
1990Jennifer McCormickTed ScribnerShannon MercerRay Best III
1989Lanny WhitesideRay Best IIIKerry ZebickScott Petersen
1988Jill McGillMonte MontgomeryKelly HefferScott Petersen
1987Jodi ZwemkeDavid HoweJodi ZwemkeScott Petersen
1986Shelley MalletCharlie WhalenKathy HodgeBrett Dean
1985Kristie WarrenBrett DeanWendy WerleyBill Riddle
1984Wendy WerleyBrandt JobeWendy WerleyClark Lyons
1983Gailynn AddisRon SpeakerMelanie WarmathBrandt Jobe
1982Sue AllenDoug BakkeGailynn AddisJohn Sundberg
1981Gailynn AddisBrad PenfoldGailynn AddisLuke Maten
1980Liza WrightRonnie MaxfieldLiza WrightLuke Maten
1979Holly MorrisSteve IvanDana JenningsJames Huntington
1978Dana HoweAndy CarrRandy White
1977Kim EatonRick CramerRick Cramer
1976Patty PichonDavid Lee
1975Lauren HoweTerry Kahl
1974Patty PichonRick Petri
1973Terry SmithKent Moore
1972Shannon JohnsonBill Loeffler, Jr.
1971Shannon JohnsonMike Reid
1970Shannon JohnsonJim Mundell
1969Callie PhillipsTim Brauch
1968Holly HolzumChuck Canepa
1967Caroline NorblumDoug Rouse
1966Diane TiedgenLarry Webb
1965Caroline NorblumMike Jerome
1964Sherry NicolaDan Sommers
1963Sherry NicolaPaul Meininger
1962Nancy BaumHale Irwin
1961Nancy BaumBob Douma
1960Gail HeitlerGary Polumbus
1959Ronna DeganLarry Maurer
1958Dee WardRonnie Wright
1957Ronna DeganSandy Zisman
1956Sally HardwickGary Wright
1955Sally HardwickHal Ottaway
1954Diane ReedDavis Love
1953Sally HardwickDavis Love
1952Ronnie Sevier
1951Paul Ransom

Code of Conduct

The CGA provides a venue for our members to participate in a game which can be pursued throughout life and which helps to develop character, sportsmanship, and the life values of integrity, honesty, self-discipline, and competitive spirit.

Junior golfers are expected to comply with the following expectations throughout the tournament season, both on and off the course. Participants and spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship and proper conduct during all CGA Junior events.

Any of the below behavior will be met with severe consequences as determined by the tournament committee. Flagrant or subsequent violations will result in automatic disqualification. Repeated infractions will result in the suspension of membership.

  • Cheating
  • Disrespect of officials, course staff and tournament directors
  • Throwing/slamming clubs or balls
  • Delay of play due to player routine
  • Inappropriate language
  • Inappropriate attire (see Dress Code section of this handbook)
  • Damage to golf course property (slamming putters into greens, etc.)
  • Damage to other competitors or their property (e.g. clubs)
  • Littering on golf course property
  • Use of electronic devices to listen to music during a round
  • Use of any type of tobacco/vape, alcohol or drugs (unless by written medical authorization)