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CGA Member Aces

Jared Wacker

Collindale GC
Hole #5

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Tony Belcastro

Tiara Rado GC
Hole #14

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Taylor Osieczanek

Green Valley Ranch Par 3
Hole #8

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Bruce Freeman

Perry Park CC
Hole #5

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Joseph Walseth

Lake Valley Golf Club
Hole #7

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Vincent Donahue

colorado golf club
Hole #17

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Mike Montgomery

Perry Park Country Club
Hole #5

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Ken Glass

legacy ridge
Hole #16

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Mark Berg

Colorado National Golf Club
Hole #14

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Ross Harmon

Hole #3

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Do you have an active GHIN number through a golf club in Colorado? If so, you are already a member of the Colorado Golf Association and are helping us to grow and improve the game in ways you probably haven't imagined! From the Evans Scholarship and Junior Developmantal Programs to State Championships and the Rules of Golf, your CGA membership is keeping the game you love the game you love. Thank you for your membership, and click HERE to learn more about us.

To access your benefits of membership, log-in (or create your member profile if necessary) using the 'Member Access' box on the left. REMEMBER to include your active GHIN number in your profile to access your member benefits such as posting a score or checking your Index.

CGA members are affiliated with our member golf clubs across the state of Colorado. CGA member golf clubs can include any green grass facility, or clubs without real-estate. Joining a golf club will give you the opportunity to play with a group of people on a regular basis as well as establish one of the major benefits of CGA membership, a USGA Handicap Index. In addition to helping us support and grow this great game in Colorado, members also enjoy green fee and merchandise discounts at CGA owned CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora.

If you love the game, and want to both benefit from it and give back to it, then the Colorado Golf Association is for you! To join the Colorado Golf Association, you need to join one of the CGA's member clubs. Most golfers become members of a men's club that conducts its events at a facility near to their residence, or they inquire about the men's club at a course which they enjoy playing frequently. To join a club near you online CLICK HERE. For those people who are members of a private golf club, joining the CGA is usually a process that is almost always taken care of as a part of your club membership.

When your membership is activated at your member club, you are issued a GHIN number and can begin posting scores to establish an official USGA Handicap Index. Be sure that your club handicap chairman enters your address and email address information in the club's computer, also. This will ensure that you receive all of your CGA membership benefits.

Please contact the CGA Director of Course Rating and Handicapping with any questions: 303.366.4653 x103 or email