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The Colorado Golf Hall of Fame


The Colorado Hall of Fame was founded in 1973 to honor men and women who have made outstanding contributions to golf in Colorado and to assist in the research necessary to develop and maintain a history of Colorado golf. Visit our museum and induction display located at the Riverdale Golf Courses.


Contact Information

Scott Radcliffe President: email

Board of Directors


President: Scott Radcliffe
Vice President: Steve Bell
Secretary: Janet Moore
Treasurer: Jim Brown

Past President: Jon Rizzi

Board Members

Eddie Ainsworth
Steve Bell
Gary Baines
Joan Birkland
Chuck Bonniwell
Dave Brown
Jim Brown
Leslie Core-Drevecky
John Edwards
Jan Ford
John Gardner
Maggie Giesenhagen
Janene Guzowski
Kyle Heyen
Dan Hogan
Kevin Hood
John Hoofnagle
Kaye Kessler
Roger Kinney
Vic Kline
Kevin Laura
Tom Lawrence
Gary Leeper
Ed Mate
Guy Mertz
Juliet Miner
E. Reed Myer
Janet Moore
Will Nicholson Jr.
Dave Plati
Gary Potter
Scott Radcliffe
Dave Richardson
Jon Rizzi
Laura Robinson
Keith Schneider
John Trenck III
Mark Valente